JMC organises Awareness cum Capacity Building program for City Dairy farmers

JMC organises Awareness cum Capacity Building program for City Dairy farmers

JAMMU, JANUARY 27: Jammu Municipal Corporation today organized awareness cum Capacity Building program for Dairy farmers operating within Jammu Municipal Corporation limits.

The event was held in MVO Office, Bhagwati Nagar, regarding environmental management of Dairies and Gaushalas as per the guidelines issued by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

The program was organized by the Veterinary services wing of Jammu Municipal Corporation on the directions of Commissioner, JMC, Rahul Yadav. The MVO, JMC Dr. Sushil Kumar Sharma, Health Officer JMC, Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma, VAS, JMC, Dr. Divya Sharma and Anil Gaind, Member Art of Living were present in the program attended by about 50 Dairy farmers.

During the program, the Dairy farmers were made aware regarding Environmental Management of waste generated in Dairy farms and Gaushalas by installing Bio Gas Plants, Vermi-Compost Units and adopting other scientific techniques for the proper disposal of Cattle dung and Urine. The Dairy farms and Gaushalas discharge the cattle dung along with waste water into the drains, leading to clogging, which ultimately reach to rivers and create water pollution. However, cattle dung, if effectively utilized, can be a resource of manure and energy. The welcome note was presented by Dr. Divya Sharma, V.A.S JMC. She said that there are about 600 Dairy units including those having animals for single sustenance and 6 number of Gaushalas have been identified by the field staff of Veterinary wing of JMC, operating within JMC limits.

The MVO, JMC, interacted with the participants and informed them about the Online Registration of Dairy started by JMC. He also conveyed that the Dairy units should have proper cattle rearing space to prevent any sort of cruelty on animals. Those Dairy Units which fulfill the set norms & criteria of Dung disposal & proper animal rearing space shall be provisionally registered to further issue License/ Registration under Section 324 of Municipal Corporation Act, 2000.

Health Officer, JMC advised the Dairy farmers to adopt various scientific methods for proper disposal of waste generated in the Dairies and Gaushalas in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Central Pollution Control Board, so that JMC can keep the city neat and clean. Jammu city is striding towards becoming a Smart city and all those non compliant Dairy Units having no proper provision for waste disposal and proper animal rearing space will not be allowed to operate within Jammu Municipal Corporation limits in the coming time.