Civil society, students join hands with Rajouri admin in fight against Drug Abuse

Civil society, students join hands with Rajouri admin in fight against Drug Abuse

Thousands participate in Mega awareness rally, signature campaign

RAJOURI, May 29: To build a society free from the drugs, District Administration Rajouri, the civil society, including Himalayan Education Mission Rajouri today joined hands to organise a mega anti-drug awareness programme. This collaborative endeavour aims to raise awareness and empower individuals to combat the menace of drug abuse and foster a healthier and safer community.

Deputy Commissioner, Vikas Kundal, was the chief guest, while Senior Superintendent of Police, Amrit Pal Singh, was the guest of honour.

The programme witnessed the overwhelming participation of more than 1000 students, locals, PRI, ULB members, religious /Community leaders and prominent citizens, marking a significant milestone in the collective fight against substance abuse.

Witnessing a series of enlightening lectures delivered by esteemed Ward councillors, senior citizens, media persons, religious leaders and social activists, the programme aimed to educate and inspire the youth to reject drugs and embrace a lifestyle that promotes well-being and positivity.

The event also witnessed the official launch of a compelling signature campaign and the flagging off of a powerful rally, reinforcing the commitment to building a drug-free society.

The event commenced with Deputy Commissioner Vikas Kundal delivering an impassioned keynote address, emphasizing the significance of collective responsibility in tackling the grave challenges posed by drugs. His powerful words resonated with the attendees, inspiring a shared determination to curb this societal menace.

The Deputy Commissioner underlined the pressing need to launch the Nash Mukt Bharat Abhiyan (Drug-Free India Campaign) in the district. Shedding light on the alarming consequences of drug abuse, he stressed the detrimental effects on the human body, both physically and mentally. The Deputy Commissioner also emphasised the district administration's commitment to eradicating this societal menace and highlighted various programmes and initiatives aimed at sensitising the target group. Furthermore, he shared the successful operationalization of the Advanced Treatment Facility (ATF) and Drug De-addiction Centre in Rajouri, ensuring that individuals struggling with addiction receive the necessary support and guidance on their path to recovery.

He also articulated the future plans of the administration to combat the drug menace comprehensively, leaving no stone unturned in creating a drug-free society. The District administration Rajouri is working to make maximum panchayats drugs free and issued directions to constitute ward/ city/ panchayat wise Anti-drugs committee which shall work as eye and ears of administration, he added.

SSP Amrit Pal Singh, reiterating his commitment to public safety, expressed his wholehearted support to the Anti-Drugs Awareness Drive. He emphasized the importance of fostering a strong partnership between law enforcement agencies and the community to effectively combat drug-related crimes. SSP Singh assured the audience of the police force's relentless efforts to apprehend drug peddlers and bring them to justice, ensuring a safer environment for all residents of Rajouri.

Later, the Deputy Commissioner and SSP led the procession that traversed the NH144A and market area of Thandikassi. The rally served as a powerful visual representation of the community's united stand against drug abuse, drawing attention from bystanders and reinforcing the urgency of the cause.

Recognising the pivotal role of the youth in shaping the future of our nation, the Senior Superintendent of Police, AmritPal Singh, addressed the attendees and emphasised the importance of sports activities in channelling their energy towards constructive pursuits. He highlighted the collaborative efforts of the police force and civil administration in launching a concerted battle against drugs, urging the public to extend their unwavering support in this critical endeavour.

The Additional Deputy Commissioner of Rajouri shared insights into the future plans and strategies for eliminating this menace. These plans include targeted awareness campaigns, community engagement initiatives, and collaboration with various stakeholders to address the issue comprehensively. The ADC's contribution highlights the administration's dedication to combating drug abuse through a multi-faceted approach, under the guidance of DC Rajouri.

"This collaborative effort between District Administration Rajouri and Himalayan Education Mission Rajouri serves as a beacon of hope and unity, showcasing their unwavering commitment to building a society where individuals can thrive without the influence of drugs," said ADC

In recognition of their invaluable contribution for creating awareness and combating drug abuse, the Mega Anti-Drug Awareness Programme also extended appreciation to the social activists and media persons present at the event.

In a powerful demonstration of their commitment to public education, the distinguished guests, along with the Chief Guest, Guest of Honor, and the management of HEM, launched a poster on hazards of drugs during the event. This visually impactful poster serves as a poignant reminder of the grave consequences of drug abuse and aims to raise awareness among the public.

A pledge was also administered among the participants. Among the others, MC Rajouri, Mohd Arif; DDC Member Rajouri, Sain Abdul Rashid; CMO, Dr. Rajinder Langeh; Sarpanch, Sanjeev Sharma; and ward councillors Sanjay Sharma, Rajesh Gupta, and Pushpinder Gupta. Their participation further underscores the collective determination of the administration, local government bodies, and community leaders to combat the drug menace.