World Anti-Tobacco Day: Awareness programme held at Govt. SRJ HSS Anantnag

World Anti-Tobacco Day: Awareness programme held at Govt. SRJ HSS Anantnag

Students & faculty join hands in the fight against Tobacco Addiction

ANANTNAG, JUNE 01: Government SRJ Higher Secondary School Khanabal Anantnag, in collaboration with the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) Anantnag today organized an awareness programme on World Anti-Tobacco Day.

The event aimed to educate students and faculty members about the detrimental effects of tobacco and the importance of building a tobacco-free society.

The programme was presided over by Tabassum Qadir Parray, Secretary DLSA Anantnag, who highlighted the significance of the occasion.

Addressing the audience, she stressed the need for students to become ambassadors in their communities, spreading awareness about the dangers of smoking and working towards its eradication.

Idrees Magrey (LADC) from DLSA Anantnag served as the resource person and delivered a compelling speech on the devastating impact of tobacco on individuals, families, and communities. He emphasized the urgent need for collective action to combat the tobacco epidemic.

Principal of Government SRJ Higher Secondary School Khanabal, along with several faculty members, shared their insights on Anti-Tobacco Day. They reiterated the importance of maintaining good health and encouraged students to choose a life free from tobacco addiction.

The theme for this year's Anti-Tobacco Day was "We need food, not tobacco," highlighting the significance of prioritizing healthy choices over harmful habits. Through various interactive sessions, the participants engaged in discussions about the risks associated with tobacco use and explored effective ways to create awareness among their peers.

The programme witnessed an enthusiastic turnout, with students actively participating in the event. The dedicated staff members of DLSA Anantnag and the school faculty played pivotal roles in organizing and facilitating the awareness programme.

Rafia Jan, Senior Lecturer at Government SRJ Higher Secondary School Khanabal, expressed gratitude to the distinguished guests for their valuable contributions to the programme.

The event concluded with an atmosphere of inspiration and determination, as students pledged to be torchbearers in the fight against tobacco addiction. The organisers believe that the impactful awareness programme will contribute significantly to reducing tobacco consumption and creating a healthier society.