RTA approves 133 route permits in Rajouri to enhance commuter Safety

RTA approves 133 route permits in Rajouri to enhance commuter Safety

RAJOURI, SEPTEMBER 04: In a significant move aimed at enhancing commuter safety and improving transportation services, the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) today issued 133 route permits for various areas within the district of Rajouri. This milestone decision was made at a pivotal meeting chaired by District Development Commissioner , Vikas Kundal.

The meeting, attended by Additional Superintendent of Police, Vivek Shekhar and Assistant Regional Transport Officer, Pawan Sharma, delved into extensive discussions regarding the safety and well-being of commuters within the district.

In a proactive move to curb overloading and reduce the occurrence of road accidents, the RTA reviewed and approved a total of 133 permits out of 177 proposals. These permits will be allocated to selected applicants with the overarching goal of improving road safety conditions.

The ARTO shared that an impressive 50,000 vehicles have been registered with the department so far. This statistic underscores the need for stringent measures to regulate road safety effectively.

Expressing grave concern over the alarming rate of road accidents within the district, the DDC asked both the ARTO and the Traffic Department to initiate special drives and enforce strict penalties against traffic violators. The emphasis was laid on creating a safer environment for all commuters in Rajouri.

In line to the commitment to enhance road safety, the Regional Transport Authority resolved to introduce additional vehicles in the district in the future. This strategic decision aims to alleviate overloading concerns and provide more convenient transportation options to residents and visitors alike.

To ensure the swift implementation of the approved route permits, the DDC called upon the regulating authority to expedite the launch of services and maintain a vigilant watch against issues such as overloading, overcharging, and irregular vehicular movement. This proactive approach demonstrates the district's dedication to prioritizing commuter safety above all else.

The approval of these 133 route permits marks a significant step forward in addressing transportation challenges and improving road safety within Rajouri. The RTA along with the support of the district administration and law enforcement, remains committed to ensuring that residents and travelers can commute safely and conveniently throughout the region.