Gandhi Memorial College, Srinagar commemorates ‘Teachers Day’

Gandhi Memorial College, Srinagar commemorates ‘Teachers Day’

SRINAGAR, SEPTEMBER 06: Gandhi Memorial College, Srinagar commemorated Teachers' Day with great fervor and enthusiasm in which a large number of students and all the faculty members participated.

The festivities began with the "Harmal Burning" ceremony, inaugurated by the Principal, Prof (Dr) G M Lone.

Following this, a seminar was held on the theme - "Celebrating Teachers' Day," during which student orators delivered speeches that highlighted teachers' invaluable contributions in shaping and moulding the destiny of our nation.

The keynote address was given by principal, Prof (Dr) G M Lone. In his speech, he emphasized the ever-evolving nature of teaching as a profession and urged students to seek out specialized instructors in today's highly competitive world.

Additionally, 5th and 6th-semester students organized a cultural program for all in attendance.

Finally, outstanding participants were presented certificates before closing out the eventful celebration.