Mission Youth conducts psychological counseling prog at S P Model HS School

Mission Youth conducts psychological counseling prog at S P Model HS School

SRINAGAR, SEPTEMBER 08: In a steadfast commitment to combat the pervasive drug menace in society and promote mental health awareness, Mission Youth organized a one day program at Sri Pratap Higher Secondary School, M.A. Road, Srinagar.

The event garnered substantial participation from both faculty and students solidifying Mission Youth's vision for a healthier and drug-free community.

The primary objective of such an initiative is to address the critical issues surrounding mental health and drug addiction, which have become pressing concerns in today's society. Mission Youth, with its unwavering dedication, aims to educate and empower the community, particularly the youth, in making informed choices and leading healthier lives.

This comprehensive program featured informative sessions, interactive discussions, and expert talks by professional from IMHANS.

The sessions discussed the challenges posed by drug addiction and the critical importance of mental well-being. Through open dialogue, the program delved into the issues of drug abuse, the current state of drug addiction, early recognition of substance abuse, and the pivotal role that educational institutions like colleges and schools can play. The IMHANS expert also shed light on preventive measures and management strategies.

Mission Youth extends its heartfelt appreciation to all participants and partners whose involvement contributed to the success of this impactful awareness program.

"Together, we take significant strides toward the vision of a society free from the clutches of addiction and equip them with the knowledge to prioritize mental health.", Mission Youth.