Weekly Block Diwas: DC Rajouri presides over public outreach camp at Panchayat Maira Nagrota

Weekly Block Diwas: DC Rajouri presides over public outreach camp at Panchayat Maira Nagrota

RAJOURI, SEPTEMBER 13: In an earnest endeavor to address public concerns, Deputy Commissioner, Vikas Kundal today led a highly successful public outreach event as part of the Weekly Block Diwas initiative here at Panchayat Maira (Nagrota) of Rajouri block.

The event served as a vital platform for local residents and their representatives to voice their concerns and demands as they sought maintenance of roads, adequate staff in government institutions, addressing the problem of water scarcity and enhancement of the healthcare infrastructure.

Specific demands highlighted during the event were provision of electricity poles, repair of road from Nagrota to Panjahdhara, bringing AWC Panchayat Maira under the ICDS department, realignment of road from Nagrota main market to Chowkian Bridge, check on unscheduled power cuts and many more.

During the proceedings, government officials used the opportunity to inform attendees about ongoing schemes, encouraging community engagement and urging residents to take advantage of these initiatives.

In his address, Deputy Commissioner Vikas Kundal emphasized the commitment of the administration to deliver essential services to the public in a seamless manner.

Furthermore, the Deputy Commissioner assured citizens that their grievances have been duly noted, and concerned departments would take incremental action to address legitimate concerns. Instant directives were issued to prioritize and resolve the issues projected on the occasion leading to redressal of many issues on-the-spot.

In a significant step towards addressing water scarcity, the Deputy Commissioner pledged to ensure functional tap water connections for every household in the district. This ambitious target will be met through the implementation of the Jal Jeevan Mission, a comprehensive initiative aimed at providing sustainable water supply. Addressing the issue of shortage of electricity poles, he assured that an adequate number of poles would be provided under the RDSS scheme of the PDD Sector.

He further assured to issue instructions for the renovation of Nagrota to Panjahdhara road within a strict time frame of fifteen days. Furthermore, recognizing the need for a change in the alignment of the road from Nagrota main market to the Chowkian Bridge, he asked the XEN of the Public Works Department (PWD) to promptly undertake the necessary measures to address this matter.

In addition to addressing the road concerns, the Deputy Commissioner also emphasized the importance of public welfare. To ensure that the citizens of the district are well-informed about the Agriculture and Horticulture Department schemes, he directed the concerned officers to organize a special awareness camp at Maira. This camp will serve as a platform to educate the public and create awareness about the benefits and opportunities provided by the initiatives of the departments.

The DC stressed the importance of promptly addressing public grievances related to water supply and directed the XEN Jal Shakti Department to engage with the public and address their concerns promptly. Simultaneously, while addressing the issue of unscheduled power cuts, he asked the Executive Engineer (XEN) of the Power Development Department (PDD) to ensure power supply to the public while strictly adhering to curtailment schedules.

Furthermore, he gave assurance that the recently established electric substation in Badhoon will effectively mitigate low voltage issues and address unscheduled power cuts.

Referring to the PMAY -G and Awas plus schemes, he assured the general masses that the new allocation underscores the commitment to expedite the construction of houses for deserving beneficiaries in the region.

The Deputy Commissioner further affirmed that significant progress is being made on the construction of the Palma and Kotedhera bridges, emphasizing that both projects are set to substantially enhance regional connectivity. The DC emphasized the importance of comprehensive development throughout the district and assured the residents that the district administration is making dedicated efforts to ensure the same.

He also emphasized that the ongoing pension verification process is actively underway and urged beneficiaries to collaborate closely with the Social Welfare Department to expedite the completion of this important process.

The successful public outreach camp earned commendation from locals for its effectiveness in bridging the gap between the administration and citizens. It stood as a platform for airing grievances, with government officials demonstrating responsiveness and accountability. This event reaffirmed the unwavering commitment of the district administration to swiftly and effectively addressing public issues, ensuring well-being of the people remains the top priority.

CPO, Mohammad Khurshid; ACD, Vijay Kumar; ACP, Sheraz Chowhan; AD Employment Mukhlis Ali, DPO, Auqil Nuvaid; CMO, Dr Rajinder Sharma; EXEN Jal Shakti Rajouri, Ashwini Sharma and other district and sectoral officers were present on the occasion.