DC Rajouri discusses change of land use cases at District Level Committee

DC Rajouri discusses change of land use cases at District Level Committee

RAJOURI, SEPTEMBER 14: Deputy Commissioner Rajouri, Vikas Kundal, led a significant meeting of the District Level Committee (DLC) today, aimed at addressing applications seeking a transition from agricultural to non-agricultural land use.

During the session, the DLC meticulously examined each application, emphasizing the paramount importance of adhering to the Land Conversion Regulations of 2022. Deputy Commissioner Vikas Kundal directed relevant departments to ensure the judicious issuance of No Objection Certificates (NOCs) to applicants.

Beyond the primary agenda of reviewing land use changes, the DLC meeting underscored the commitment to promote sustainable development practices within the district. Deputy Commissioner Vikas Kundal passionately stressed the need to strike equilibrium between development initiatives and environmental conservation. This vision champions responsible land use planning for the greater good and welfare of the local community.

The meeting was attended by Arshdeep Singh, DFO Rajouri; Rajiv Kumar Khajuria, ADC Rajouri; Ashwini Sharma, GM DIC; Vivek Puri, CEO Tourism; Imran Rashid Kataria, ACR; Bhram Jyoti Sharma, SE Hydraulics; Sohan Singh, CAO; Anupam Koul, DO PCB; Muzafar Mir, DIO NIC; along with other concerned officers.

The meeting marks a significant step toward enhancing the sustainable development landscape in Rajouri, promising to usher in responsible land use practices and promote the harmony of development and environmental preservation.