International Rabies Day observed at Govt Hospital Sarwal

International Rabies Day observed at Govt Hospital Sarwal

JAMMU, SEPTEMBER 26: Government Hospital Sarwal Jammu marked International Rabies Day aimed at raising awareness about rabies prevention, responsible pet ownership and the importance of mass vaccination drives for pets. The event took place today and was organized by the dedicated healthcare professionals at the hospital.

Rabies remains a significant public health concern, particularly in developing nations like India, where the disease is endemic. International Rabies Day serves as a global initiative to raise awareness and promote actions that can help prevent rabies-related deaths.

The event featured a range of activities to spread important information about rabies:

Veterinary Surgeon from JMC, Dr. Sushil delivered informative lectures on mass vaccination drives for pets. The lectures emphasized the significance of community involvement in eradicating rabies. Dr. Pankaj Gupta, Paediatrician briefed about national treatment guidelines.

Paramedical students made posters conveying essential messages about rabies prevention and the importance of responsible pet ownership.

Dr. Vijay Raina, Medical Superintendent of Government Hospital Sarwal expressed gratitude to all participants and organizers for making the event a grand success. He stated, "Rabies is a preventable disease, and education is the first step towards its eradication. We are proud to contribute to this cause by equipping our future healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to fight rabies effectively."

This International Rabies Day celebration at Government Hospital Sarwal is a testament to the hospital's commitment to community health and its dedication to fostering a future where rabies is no longer a threat.