DTTM CUJ organises Travelism 2023 to mark World Tourism Day

DTTM CUJ organises Travelism 2023 to mark World Tourism Day

Yasha Mudgal emphasizes contribution of all stakeholders towards tourism promotion in J&K

JAMMU, SEPTEMBER 27: "Travelism-2023", the signature annual event of Department of Tourism and Travel Management at Central University of Jammu, concluded on a high note, leaving an indelible mark on the participants.

This two day extravaganza, held to commemorate celebration of World Tourism Day, brought together participants from different departments of the university to revel in the cultural richness and unity in diversity that defines Bharat.

Commissioner Secretary, Cooperative, Yasha Mudgal, who was the chief guest at the gala event, enlightened the attendees with her insightful inputs about the tourism resources available in the union territory of J&K. She emphasized the significance of Cooperatives in overall growth and development of the national economy. She also focused on the role of innovations and research in establishing successful tourism ventures. She further requested university administration to send students to other states to get first hand exposure. She also gave some inputs for promoting indigenous tourism products. She emphasised on keeping global vision while formulating policies of the university. She also highlighted the benefits of Adventure Tourism and Rural Tourism.

The event, which was held in two sessions, kicked off on September 26th with a Village Immersion Education Tour to Pancheri, the first homestay village of J&K providing students of MBA (Tourism and Travel Management) with a unique opportunity to experience rural life, traditions, and practices firsthand. This immersive tour offered invaluable insights into the essence of India's diverse culture, setting the stage for the main event.

On 27th September, the grand inauguration ceremony, graced by Sunaina Sharma Mehta, Joint Director, Directorate of Tourism, Jammu, was a highlight of Travelism 2023. Her inspirational address shed light on the importance of tourism and cultural diversity. Mehta was joined by Professor Vinay Kumar as a special guest, Professor Jaya Bhasin, Dean, School of Business, and Dr. Ranjeet Kumar Raman, HoD, Department of Tourism and Travel Management.

Throughout the day, attendees had the opportunity to participate in five parallel events namely Rangoli, collage making, slogan writing, photography, and Bharat ka Swad, each thoughtfully designed to celebrate India's cultural diversity. Bharat ka Swad: A culinary journey allowed attendees to savor the diverse flavors of India, with food stalls offering delectable regional delicacies.

The day continued with presentations on Startup Pitch, followed by a spectacular fashion show that celebrated the cultural diversity of India. The participants donned in traditional attire from various regions, showcased the elegance and beauty of Indian heritage.

In keeping with the theme, a folk dance competition featured mesmerizing performances representing different states, highlighted the vibrant and diverse dance forms of India.

The grand finale of Travelism 2023 was the valedictory ceremony, graced by Yasha Mudgal, Commissioner Secretary, Cooperative.

Winners were presented with trophies by the chief guest, who was joined by the special guest, Professor Vandana Sharma, Dean School of Languages, Professor Jaya Bhasin, and Dr. Ranjeet Kumar Raman.

The report of the two-day event was presented by Dr. Bharti Gupta, the organizing secretary. The other members of the organising committee included Dr. Amit Gangotia, Dr. Mahendra, Dr. Rahul Thakur and Dr. Rabinder Singh

The event was sponsored by Directorate of Tourism, Jammu, LIC, Amandeep Hospital, and Triumphh (Tour Operation Company). The event also organised an exhibition by Sanchita Pradhan of Shipkari Bazar brand promoting handicraft of Dogra culture. The event was also covered by RJ Sarang.